We Create Value

We help exclusive partners navigate Amazon, build brands and diversify their revenue streams to build long term value.

Who We Are


We manage a network of consultants and advisors within the Amazon ecosystem. We have strong connections with sellers, vendors, manufacturers, and Amazon leaders to solve unique business problems.


Rather than using buzzwords and overpromises, our engagement results in specific actions that will set you apart. We will train your staff to develop e-commerce competencies and continue to grow beyond our engagement.


No business needs boilerplate recommendations that can be found for free online. We monitor Amazon in real-time and couple that with a genuine understanding of your business dynamics to create a distinct advantage.

About Us

James Walser

A tenured executive at Gap, Target and Amazon with experience in over 50 product categories leading brand development at brick and mortar and e-commerce globally.

Steve Berry

An Amazon expert across direct and FBA with deep supply chain knowledge, custom manufacturing, and international sourcing.

Our Services

International Sellers

We can help international suppliers navigate regulations, logistics, and culture to establish a stable U.S. business and expand offerings.

Manufacturers & Trading Companies

We can help you leverage the Amazon platform and start selling directly to consumers.

Vendor to Seller Conversions

Interested in owning your page content, inventory, strategy, and pricing? We can help navigate the transition from the vendor to the seller and train your team for success.

Logistical Advantages

We understand the supply chain from factory to customer delivery and how to balance the needs of digital commerce and customer expectations.

Vendor Negotiations

Our team has the experience to provide inside perspectives and can help advise negotiation positioning and message.

Amazon Advertising

Manual Ad Management, Automated Ads using a proprietary tool, and advertising reporting integrated with total platform sales performance.

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